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When Opposites Attract


You know I love a good writing sesh to help me process something. It’s so therapeutic you should try it sometime.

What do you do when you need to process something? A qualitative analysis? Crunch some numbers? I wonder what you would have concluded about us. Did we add up?

You were the thinking type to my feeling type. The Manhattan to my Brooklyn. The guy who practically never set foot in Brooklyn until he met me (and is now a Domino Park regular).

You’re a small talker.

I like deep conversations.

You have a voice that carries.

I’m soft-spoken.

My words tread lightly.

I can hear yours from down the hall.

I wanted our differences to balance each other out but I think in the end they just left us feeling disconnected.

We just didn’t “get” each other. I didn’t get sports. You didn’t get art. I think I felt like I couldn’t really talk about the things i’m into because they wouldn’t interest you.

Imagine how much fun you would have dating a girl who actually likes sports. And who might willingly get on the back of a motorcycle. Someone loud and proud. Maybe like a cheerleader/biker chick. I could see that for you. Even though I don’t want to.

Logically, I know we don't add up. But you know i’m a feeling type so there’s more to this equation. It’s your familiarity that makes it hard for me to step away. The comfort level that comes with months of getting to know someone. And I’m not sure if I want to start at month 1 again with someone else. I leaned on you. You had genuine empathy for what I was going through. And i’m going to miss that.

But you’re no longer the Manhattan to my Brooklyn. You’re in Denver driving a Tacoma. With your dirt roads and crunchy camping gear. And I know I deserve someone who lives in my own state. But you’re still so familiar and comfy. And I don't want to let go of you just yet.

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